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Model: MD-B25 + MDP
Electric Baking Oven with Proofer
Electric Baking Oven with Proofer

The height of the baking chamber is 250mm. It contains preset program to control operating temperature and time. The oven is suitable for baking pizza and bread。 Each oven can add humidified fermentation cabinet with temperature control. Four 600x400mm baking pans can be placed on each layer.

Dimension (L×D×H, mm)
MD-B25: 1,000 x 1,300 x 500; MDP: 1,000 x 1,160 x 720
Power (W)
6, 000(W) + 1,600瓦(W)
Voltage (V)
380 (V) +220 (V)
Int. Dim (LxDxH)mm
MD-B25: 620 x 900 x 250; MDP: 8 x (600 x 400) PAN