Hong Kong Commercial Kitchenware Supplier

Promet Catering is the complete souce for catering/hotel imported kitchenware with over 10000 products.

We specialize in bread making equipment, bar equipment, buffet equipment, cleaning equipment, western food stoves,

coolers & freezers, fast food equipment, food processing equipment, Japanese cooking equipment, snack equipment, trolley system

We sell parts and accessories and provide maintenance withthin Hong Kong.

For catalogue, quote and order, please contact our sales team +852 2735 4121.

Snack EquipmentSnack EquipmentShop Now

The series includes:
Bain Marie, Beverage Warner, Bun Steamer, Cold Drink Dispenser, Cold/Hot Water Dispenser, Cup Dispensers, Food Display Warmer, Food Pan, Food Warmer, Food Warming, Light Hot Water Dispenser, Ice Cubes Maker, Ice Flaker, Ice Pebbles Maker, Ice Storage Bin, Napkin Dispenser, Straw Dispenser, Syrup Dispenser, Universal Dispenser, Water Boiler

Fast Food EquipmentFast Food EquipmentShop Now

The series includes:
Bubble Waffle Baker, Bun Toaster, Cone Baker, Cone Dispenser, Cotton Candy Machine, Crepe Machine, Display Cart, Donut Baker, Egg Boiler, Hot Dog Broiler, Ice Cream Machine, Ice Cream Machine Accessories, Pizza Napoli, Popcorn Popper, Sandwich Griddle, Slush Machine, Smoker, Toaster, Waffle Baker

Bar EquipmentBar EquipmentShop Now

The series includes:
Ice Maker, Ice Flaker, Ice Storage Bin, Cup Dispenser, Straw Dispenser, Napkin Dispenser, Syrup Dispenser, Heat Shade, Hot Water Boiler, Hot/Cold Water Dispenser, Bain Marie, Food Display Warmer, Drawer Food Warmer, Baverage Warmer, Food Pan, Cold Drink Dispenser

Cooking EquipmentCooking EquipmentShop Now

The series includes:
Griddle Fryer, Pressure Fryer, Electric Smoker Oven, Outdoor Gas Grill, Tempura Fryer, Top/Under-Fired Boilers, Gyrox Grill, Induction Range, Electric Cooktop, Gas Grill, Pasta Cooker, Rotisseries, Slower Cooker, Microwave Oven, Convection Holding Trolley, Convection Oven, Combi Oven, Steamer, Italy Cooking Range, USA and Canada Cooking Range

Coolers and FreezersCoolers and FreezersShop Now

The series includes:
Sushi Display Cooler, Wine Display Cooler, Food Display Cooler, Drink Display Cooler, Draft Beer Cabinet, Cake Display Cooler, Stainless Steel Cooler/ Freezer, Supermarket Display Case, Ice Cream Display Freezer, Food Display Freezer

Bakery EquipmentBakery EquipmentShop Now

The series includes:
Taiwan Bakery Machine
Taiwan Bakery Machine Complete Range
Europe and USA Bakery Machine
Italy Bakery Machine
Europe/ USA and Japan Bakery Machine Complete Range

Buffet EquipmentBuffet EquipmentShop Now

The series includes:
Chafing Dish, Cold/Hot Drink Dispenser, Soup Warmer, Food Warming Station, Chocolate Fountain, Dish Warmer / Dolly, Roast Beef Trolley, Food Display Warmer/ Cooler, Display Wine Cooler, Ice Cream Showcase

Japan Cooking EquipmentJapan Cooking EquipmentShop Now

The series includes:
Japan Roasting Table, Sushi Maker, Griller, Teppanyaki Griddle, Rice Cooker, Rice Washer, Sake Warmer

Cleaning EquipmentCleaning EquipmentShop Now

The series includes:
Dish Washing Machine, Glass Rack, Dish Caddy, Pre-Rinse Unit, Knife/Dish Sterilizer, Water Filter and Sterilizer, Towel Warmer, Electronic Scale, Vacuum Packing Machine, Shoes Polishing Machine, Hand Dryer, Silverware Burnisher, Food Leftover Processor, Pressure Washer, Glass Filler and Drip Pan, Waster Disposer, Vacuum Cleaner, Grease Filter, Shelving System

Trolley SystemTrolley SystemShop Now

The series includes:
Hotel Trolley, Chocolate Display Cooler, Cigars Cooler

Food Processing EquipmentFood Processing EquipmentShop Now

The series includes:
Manual Food Processor, Food Cutter, Can Opener, Pasta Maker, Sausage Filling Maker, Hamberger Forming Machine, Veggie Peeler, Rice Grinder, Stick Blender, Food Grinder, Vegetable Slicer, Meat Mincer, Cheese Graters, Poultry Cutter, Bone Sawing Machine, Cutter Mixer, Gyoza Making Machine

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